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Federation Meets Solomonic Inna Dubplate Style Length: 4:05 Play From album: Federation Meets Solomonic Inna Dubplate Style

Federation Meets Solomonic Inna Dubplate Style



“Federation Meets Solomonic Inna Dubplate Style” is a ground-breaking mix CD from two powerhouses in the Dancehall/Reggae world.Together, on this CD, the two sound systems take the term “clash” to another level. Studio-mixed, it is a dubplate extravaganza made up 100% of exclusive “specials” from artists like Sizzla, Capleton, Beres Hammond, Luciano, Anthony B, Richie Spice, Bounty Killer, Buju Banton, and Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, just to name a few! Non-stop vibes from beginning to end, “Federation Meets Solomonic Inna Dubplate Style” is guaranteed niceness from start to finish with over 60 classic dubplates from the two big sounds, here for the first time ever, on one big CD.

01. Federation Vs. Solomonic Intro-Federation & Solomonic

02. In The Ghetto (federation)-Johnny Osbourne

03. Murderer (solomonic)-Johnny Osbourne

04. Full Up (federation)-Bunny General

05. Herb Man Hustling (solomoninc)-Sugar Minnott

06. Police In Helicopter (federation)-John Holt

07. Medley (solomonic)-Capleton

08. Medley (federation)-Capleton

09. Stand Tall (solomonic)-Capleton

10. Watch What You Eat (solomonic)-Anthony B

11. Bad Out There (federation)-Chuck Fender

12. Put Down The Weapon (solomonic)-Yami Bolo

13. Girl (federation)-El Feco

14. Just Be Good (federation)-Half Pint

15. They Gonna Talk (federation)-Beres Hammond

16. Rock Away (solomonic)-Beres Hammond

17. Rule (solomonic)-Mr. Easy

18. Mister Greedy (federation)-Natty King

19. No Guns To Town (federation/solomonic)-Natty King

20. Haffi Win (solomonic)-Chuck Fender

21. Just One Of Those Days (federation)-Sizzla

22. Never Go Where Pagans Go (solomonic)-Warrior King

23. She Never Knew It (solomonic)-Norris Man

24. Cherish No Wrong (federation)-Capleton

25. Life Is Not A Game (solomonic)-Turbulance

26. Who Could It Be (federation)-Luciano

27. Stay Away (solomonic)-Luciano

28. Water Pumpee (solomonic)-Anthony B

29. Ganja Fi Legal (federation)-Roundhead

30. Gimme The Weed (solomonic)-Jigsy King

31. Got It Right Here (federation)-Sizzla

32. Upside Down (solomonic)-Richie Spice

33. Oh My Lord (solomonic)-Chuck Fender

34. Can’t Tek (federation)-Uton Green

35. Earth A Run Red (solomonic)-Richie Spice

36. Marijuana (federation)-Richie Spice

37. Don’t Dis The Trinity (solomonic)-Capleton

38. In Times Like These (federation)-Mikey General

39. Love So Nice (solomonic)-Jr Kelly

40. No Ice Cream Sound (federation)-Johnny Osbourne

41. Die Tonight (solomonic)-El Feco

42. Simplicity (federation)-Sizzla

43. Ghetto Girl (solomonic)-Richie Spice

44. Saturday Night (federation)-Luciano

45. On A Mission (solomonic)-Yami Bolo

46. Little Sound Boy (federation)-Johnny Osbourne

47. Sodom And Gomorrah (solomonic)-Sluggy Ranks

48. Humble Thought (federation)-Sizzla

49. Legalize It (solomonic)-Luciano

50. Smoke The Herb (federation)-Bounty Killer

51. Cut Up Another Load (solomonic)-Turbulance

52. Krazy (federation)-Half Pint

53. Good Life (solomonic)-Coco Tea

54. Lodge (federation)-Bounty Killer

55. Judgement (solomonic)-Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley

56. Princess Gone (federation)-Jah Mason

57. Truth And Rights (solomonic)-Johnny Osbourne

58. No Time To Gaze (federation)-Sizzla

59. More Justice (solomonic)-Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley

60. Never Give Up (federation)-Sugar Minnott

61. Coming From Country (solomonic)-Sugar Minnott

62. Rolling (federation)-Tony Curtis

63. Chronic (solomonic)-Sanchez

64. Ganja Planter (federation)-Marlon Asha

65. Farmer Man (solomonic)-Boscom X

66. War Grade (federation)-Da’Ville

67. Murderer (solomonic)-Buju Banton

68. Solid As A Rock (federation)-Sizzla

69. Serious Times (solomonic)-Gyptian

70. Outro-Federation & Solomonic