Busy Signal - Reggae Music Again

tuff new roots and culture album drops April 24th
Friday, April 06, 2012

We fully endorse this one, it is refreshing to have another nice roots and culture album to run start to finish.

Busy and Shane Brown have created a timeless collection of top quality produced tunes - that both capture the original roots feel of classic reggae music, as well as updating it with a flow that only Busy Signal can provide.  Reality music, herbs, and lovers tunes pepper the selection, with standout tunes being.. well really, all of them! 

While he is not a Rastafari artist, the album is arguably one of the best 'conscious' reggae albums in the last few years, ranking up there with Stephen Marley's 'Revelation', Sizzla's 'The Scriptures', and I Wayne's 'Life Teachings'.

This album has been in rotation start to finish for the last week, and as soon as the CD drops we will be first in line to grab a copy.  * The digital release date has been moved up to April 10th!

Highly Recommended