Kabaka Pyramid – new culture artist


We recently discovered another brand new artist that has the right vibes to carry the culture banner forward.

Kabaka Pyramid’s debut EP (Download for free on bandcamp) features 10 tracks of tuff roots sound with a bit of jazzy and hip hop spice to it.  Not so much that it sounds like the watered down international pop sound that permeates most Jamaican production nowadays, but a fresh take on updating the classic roots sound.  

Much of the production is sample based, so I feel like I am hearing the roots of hip hop again – with a new generation sampling the previous classics and blending them into a brand new someting.  

Message wise, we are treated to a selection of positive cultural brain food, and lyrically this youth will have your head spinning as you take it all in.

I almost feel like I am listening to Black Star’s first album, but from the perspective of a concious roots reggae Rastafari artist in Jamaica.

Favorite tracks are “The Sound”, “Prophecy”, and the tune for the empress’s “I Alone” – which if given a chance on commercial urban radio would be a instant crossover hit.

The project is produced by Bebble Rock, with promotional support from IndiggnationProtoje‘s band and marketing team…

We are definitely looking forward to hearing more from this soldier!


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