Clash CD gets reviewed on Fader


Philly dancehall soundsystems Federation and Solomonic just teamed up for a great new mix CD of dubplate showdowns. Sure, the WOW! factor is heavy – each of the 68 tracks is an otherwise unavailable dubplate, which means you get everyone from Sizzla to Damian Marley to Bounty Killer doing DJ-specific voicings of their biggest hits (and rhyming “Max Glazer” with “lazer”). But even without the exclusivity, any mix that hits you with “Police In Helicopter”, Stalag riddim, and Gyptian’s “Serious Times” is going to be a keeper. Plus, our dude El Feco is all over it, even doing a “Lets get ready to rumble!” intro. A must-cop from the city of brotherly love.

Music | 03/30/2006

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